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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jun Encarnacion's Salon

Helloooo world!!
So I just came home after my older sister and I have gotten our hair done. :)
After postponing it for many times, we finally did it. haha
As you may already know, I get my hair rebonded once or twice every year or so..
I usually have it done it David's Salon near MCU since the treatment and service is fab over there.
(I highly recommend it to those who might wanna straighten their hair). *thumbs up*
Although it is quite pricey for most people, it's really worth it.
Anyway, even though I totally LOVE David's more than any other place I've tried, my mom wanted me to try this place that my cousin (who is a bit older than me) recommends.
I'm really scared to try other salon's but I thought, "Hey, why not?".

So there, we went to the place near Tayuman to this little parlor with no name. *laughs*
But the guy (or gay) there said that they don't do rebonding treatments, unfortunately.
They only do relaxing. Apparently, relaxing severely damages formerly rebonded hair. So I obviously cannot do that. It's waaaay risky.
He suggested that we go to this other place where his friend works, called "Jun Encarnacion's Salon" (or something, I'm not sure. haha). He told us to look for "Milagring" (his friend's name) so that we would be wouldn't have to wait at all.

So there, we ended up having our hair done at this place located at Tutuban.
Their services are really cheap. So I guess it's good for those who are on a tight budget.
The crew members are really hospitable too (I don't know if that's the proper term.ahah).
And the customer I was sitting next to was nice. I can tell that she was very friendly because she was smiling at me when we accidentally see eye to eye.
She even offered to share her snacks with me. haha. (they were KFC's.. yumm..)
Anyway, the process didn't take as long as I thought it would.
For some reason, time flew by really fast because the soundtrip playing in the salon was very up-to-date! haha. I love every song that played because those were the type of music I would normally listen to. ^^,
That's a really big deal for me because if it were any ordinary salon, they would just play very old and crappy music which will make me fall asleep easily. haha. Good thing it wasn't because I was soo alive during the entire thing. ü
Oh, and by the way.. my sister got her hair cellophaned, in case you were wondering. haha :D

Right now, I'm liking the outcome.. Although I still think nothing beats David's. haha
But it's OK. It's better than my old hair, which is a bit curly on the top but oh so straight in the bottom. haha :D craaazy right?
But since it's newly done, it's exaggeratingly flat with no volume. haha.
That's just the way it is brotha.. But when the months pass by, I'll be expecting to have my old hair back. haha.
I'm not so excited for that part. But right now, I'm just eager to start my new school year already since I'm missing my friends so much.
Also, it's getting really boring at home. I'm just itching to get out of the crib. haha.

Anyway, sitting on the salon's chair for several hours really got me worn out!
I guess I'll be sleeping early tonight.. hehe.
And I HAVE to sleep early because it is our enrollment tomorrow.
I wonder what my friends would say once they see me? haha.
I hope they get used to it really soon. :>

P/S: Tomorrow, I'll be posting the happenings of our family gathering yesterday. I was too tired to go online last night so I wasn't able to post it up. haha.. ü


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